Os Lacrimale: Debüt von Dagmar Gertot auf Cyclic Law

Ende November bringt Cyclic Law das Langspieldebüt der russischen Künstlerin und Produzentin Dagmar Gertot heraus. Das Album offeriert eine somnambule Klangreise durch surreal verdrehte Ritualsounds und verfremdete Gesänge, die im Stream of Consciousness-Verfahren durch verschiedenen Sprachen und glossolalische Lautketten skippt und dabei eine okkult aufgeladene, durchaus kraftvolle und zugleich melancholische Stimmung erzeugt. “Os Lacrimale” erschient neben dem obligatorischen Download auf dreihundert CDs im Digisleeve.

“Os Lacrimale” is the first full length album from Russian experimental musician and performance artist Dagmar Gertot. A somber surreal opus sourced from the composer’s dream state experiences. Instrumental and vocal improvisations are the tools used for turning the dream world of the subconscious to the outer world, deploying ambiguous visual and aural imagery. Partially ceremonial and “Art brutal” in character, it is a free expression of the psyche’s sometime painful secret world. Turning to text as a compositional tool, the author choose a glossolalia with partial inclusion of semantically active roots, thus leaving open the subsequent spread of various meanings in the form of a ritual surreal short novella, that accompanies some tracks and supports the semantic identity of this work. Musical Instruments used accordion, string-bowed ikili, lyre, gusli, batalo, piano, horns, extra percussion and voice.” (Cyclic Law)