Taibach mit Debüt bei Empty Editions

Das Taiwanesische Electro-Projekt Taibach bringt seine erste 12″-LP heraus. Der selbstbetitelte Longplayer enthält Tracks zwischen Techno im Geiste der frühen 90er, Old School-Industrial und monumentalen, martialischen Soundscapes. Diese Mixtur, zusammen mit der Fülle an polysemen künstlerischen und politischen Referenzen im Kontext interkultureller Themen findet auch ihren Ausdruck im Projektnamen, der die Namen Laibach und Taiwan/Taipeh zusammenkalauert.

“With a nom de guerre which references both the infamous Slovenian proto-industrial group Laibach and their mythologized homeland of Taiwan, Taibach restages the classic thematics and aesthetic strategies of industrial music for a contemporary moment in which shifting balances of power between east and west herald new hegemonies and exhume old grievances. Their martial approach to electronics follows in a brood of decidedly cryptic underground music: drawing on the sound of classic industrial bands, early 90s techno, and more recent developments at the intersection of noise and rhythmic music.

Conditions of escalating ethno-nationalism, imperialist ambition and decay, and historical revisionism within the Sinosphere provide the backdrop for the band’s grimly expansive theatrics, which hint at the possibility of ideological resistance through tactical sign play and subversive affirmation. Acting as a necessary corrective to a commercially bloated and self-satisfied Asian cultural sphere, Taibach embraces futile Taiwan-based nationalism by celebrating the seldom-criticized reactionary tendencies of the region as a document of its history and its current political impasses.” (Empty Editions)

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