Commando Vanessa veröffentlicht Mansplained!

Die zur Feier des ersten Jahres von Commando Vanessa konzipierte Compilation “Mansplained!”, von der wir bereits den Beitrag von Deeat Palace vorgestellt haben, ist ab heute als Tape erhältlich. Er enthält vierzehn Tracks oft dunkler, ambienter Elektronik. Die vertretenen Künstlerinnen sind Deeat Palace, Pillbug Junction feat. Kelso Ashby, SIKSA, The Marquis, HESS, Lili Putana, Flawed God (ein ambientes Alter Ego von Foie Gras alias Iphigenia Lee), HAARGA, Black Propaganda, Accident du Travail, Techno Thriller, Innocent Heretic feat. RUIN, Marie Guilleray und Online Lipnem. Zu einigen Tracks gibt es Videos von der Videokünstlerin Greta Oto.

“A compilation to celebrate the first year of activity… not an easy task: too young to have a clearly defined personality and too old not to have one. Lots of thoughts crossed our minds, mainly revolving all around the same question: should we try to do something different? And lots of advice came our way: you should! You must! You need to! Let me show you how things are done! So, this one is not only a combined action taken in Commando Vanessa style, but also a reaction. We are not looking to be different, we just want to embrace differences. That’s why this is what it is: a diverse, colorful, exaggerated, intimate, political, sexy compilation. Just a flow of different music we like. LET THEM MANSPLAIN! ” (Comando Vanessa)