Gabrielas feat. Floating Eggs mit Tape auf Kitchen Leg

Der unter dem Namen Gabrielas firmierende Musiker Martin Raack bringt auf Kitchen Leg Records ein selbstbetiteltes Tape mit Musik aus dem Grenzland von Lo-Fi-Folk, Noise Rock und experimenteller Soundart heraus, einen Gastauftritt hat die Berliner Combo Floating Eggs, deren Track das Album zu einer Art Split macht und doch wieder nicht. Mehr Hintergründe, Referenzen und Links galore auf Bandcamp.

“Gabrielas’ self titled tape for Kitchen Leg records features seven haunting songs by the artist, a radio snippet, a jingle from Mumbles and an unreleased track by the Berliner duo Floating Eggs. Gabrielas, performed by a person called Martin Raack. Does this name even exist as a living personality? What is known so far: the name appears in other musical connections such as Bisons, Broken Jokes, Raack.nerei Falk, Rongkong Comas Crime Club, Härte Blüte and Hier Für Zeit. All these experiments together are a rough drawer-style mix of Musique Concrète, New Weird Saxony, Lo-Fi, Noise Folk, Ambient, Krautrock and Post New Wave Pop. So here it is. Gabrielas. Gabrielas does not see itself as a solo project. Gabrielas is a body made up of conversations with the artist Franziska Barcsay about feminism, friendship with Floating Eggs and people like Christine de Pizan and Sojourner Truth whom should never be forgotten. Cherish dreams. Live utopia. Dance with Gabi!” (Kitchen Leg)