Mute Swimmer live bei Radio Free Horns

Guy Dale alias Mute Swimmer ist am 23. April im Live-Audio-Stream aus der Leipziger Konzertlocation Horns Erben zu sehen. Zu hören ist eine Stunde Sabotage im Song-Gewandt zwischen Folk, Poesie und experimentierfreudigen Rockansätzen.

“Mute Swimmer is the musical project of Berlin based British artist Guy Dale. Through numerous releases and a changing cast of collaborators and players Dale has been shooting his fascination with the traditional lyrical song through art performance, post rock, ambient drone, folk and spoken word. He has described the project as an act of benign sabotage – often taking the process of writing and moment of performance itself as a narrative subject. As such his songs uniquely operate in the real time of performance – addressed directly to the listener in the present tense. Romantic, ironic and hauntingly melancholic by rapid turns he has earned a reputation for his compelling, idiosyncratic performances. Mute Swimmer has released music on Dendron, Truco Espárrago, Woodland and Bleeding Heart Recordings. His work has been featured on BBC 6 Music (UK), Byte FM (DE), Radio Tres (ESP) among many others.” (Radio Free Horns)

Freitag, 23.04.2021
20 Uhr (8 PM UTC+02 – 9 PM UTC+02)
Stream @ Facebook live