Toshimaru Nakamura zum zehnten Mal am No Input-Mischpult

Der Tokioter Toshimaru Nakamura bringt nächsten Monat unter dem Titel “Culvert” ein neues Fullenght-Album heraus, für das er zum zehnten Mal mit seinem No Input-Michgerät alle Register einer scheinbar repetitiv-minimalistischen, in Wirklichkeit aber unberechenbaren post-technoiden Klangkunst zieht. Sein Label Room40, das bereits den Vorgänger herausbrachte, spricht von einer “incredibly dynamic and at times volcanic quality” und fasst die wesentlichen klanglichen und atmosphärischen Züge des Albums zusammen: “Each piece, moves between passages of deep rhythm and pulse which give way to caustic swaths of feedback, noise and at times a deep sense of harmony”. “Culvert” erscheint als CD und im Download.

“There used to be several small streams in west Tokyo, where I live. Some of them were natural rivers flowing from springs in this area. Others were from further west. Towards the east, down to the sea of Tokyo Bay, there are others which were man-made, created to distribute water. Now, most of these rivers are covered by concrete lids and many parts of them are converted into pathways with nicely lined-up trees and benches. Some stretches of these rivers even have an artificial brooks on top of the lids to recreate the landscape of the old days. Sort of a “double decker river”. Sitting on one of those benches, I think of the water flowing below, in the dark.” (Toshimaru Nakamura)

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