Inyan: Neuer Longplayer von KKOT

Marco Ricci bringt mit “Inyan” ein neues Album seines Solo-Projektes KKOT heraus – das achte seit Gründung des Projektes vor erst drei Jahren. In einer allgemeinen Beschreibung auf seiner Webseite ist von zwei Arten von KKOT-Tracks die Rede: “the tracks can be divided into two categories: on one side, algorithmic, generative ambient, on the other, techno characterized by obsessive pulsations and icy, at times even hostile, drones”. Zum Charakter der elf neuen, auf modularer Synthietechnik basierenden Tracks mit ihren postindustriellen Untertönen sagt Ricci: “Every track is a well defined strip in which I concentrate the frequencies. I don’t allow any sound to climb over the boundaries, so that they overlap each other creating a wall, a fortress.

Every strip stimulates and highlights a specific mood.”. “Inyan” erscheint im Iktober in den gängigen Formaten bei den hauseigenen Aika Recordings. “Marco Ricci is the mastermind behind KKOT, a project that was created in 2018. KKOT now has 8 album releases under his belt, and Inyan is next in line. [...] Focusing his attention on details of manipulated sound, Inyan is almost anti-music. The elements that determine the meaning of music such as structure, melody and rhythm have been completely eradicated to make way for drone sounds, static crackles, the whirring and humming of analog synths, with repetition playing an important role. This sonic landscape leaves the impression that technology itself is breathing, as if detached from human nature.” (Aika Recordings)