Debüt des Waliser Post Punk-Duos Plastic Estate

Die aus Nicholas James und Stanley Fouracres bestehende Waliser Post Punk-Band Plastic Estate bringt nach einer Reihe an Singles in den vergangenen drei Jahren Anfang Februar ihr erstes – selbstbetiteltes – Album heraus. Die Musik des aus der Cardiffer Punk’n'Wave-Szene erwachsene Duos, vom Label mit Bands wie New Order, aber auch mit Rosy Music und jüngeren Semestern wie Lust for Youth verglichen, kombiniert Stilelemente der frühen 80er mit in der heutigen Zeit wurzelnden Stimmungsnuancen. “Plastic Estate” erscheint als LP und digital bei den Bologneser Avant! Records, der Vorabsong “Divinely Impaired” ist bereits als Video zu sehen.

“The duo composed by Nicholas James and Stanley Fouracres have released a few singles since 2019 and we all know what happened meanwhile. It seems however that these past months of forced isolation and necessary restrictions only empowered the ability of the band to pursue their research for an evolution of pop music from the past. Plastic Estate have masterfully used this year to write ten new songs that shine a light on the duo’s impressive skills to juggle between the heritage of lost golden era and the pressing presence of the here and now, ending up sounding classic and contemporary at once. Not an easy task, if you ask me, as it is this rare to stand in the exact spot where you have a full view of the days behind you and the complete control of the moment you are in. [...] First single Divinely Impaired is the perfect example of how to dive into the imaginary mémoires of a sophisti-pop era and then resurface nowadays with a crystal clear modern sound.” (Avant!)

@ AVANT! Records