Neues von Trupa Trupa auf Glitterbeat

Das aus Danzig stammende Quartett Trupa Trupa bringt in den nächsten Tagen ihr Album unter dem “B Flat A” heraus – ein schwarzgalliger Abgesang auf die vielen gesellschaftlichen Würdelosigjeiten unserer Zeit, in dessen von Post-Hardcore und verwaschenem Noiserock durchdränkten Gitarrensound laut Label das Echo von Can, Syd Barret und Fugazi zu hören ist. Das Album erscheint in den gängigen Formaten bei Glitterbeat.

Trupa Trupa consists of “four friends and captains” with different personalities: something that creates, in the words of singer Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, “troubles”, which lead to “both a democracy and a polyphonic situation.” We could also look to their formidable back catalogue and sift through a body of work that can often sound hard, or blunt; akin to the offhand and oblique stories of a backwoodsman. But this bluntness is carefully couched in abstractions or clever patterns, courtesy of suggestive phrases and the imposition of tonal or rhythmic moods. It is also set off against the most beautiful and uplifting pop music. [...] One element of the Gdansk band’s music is always there, in plain sight. Trupa Trupa look to confront evil; exploring, in Kwiatkowski’s words, “the wasteland of human nature where hatred and genocide are not just distant reverberations of Central European history but still resonate in contemporary reality.” The band often does this openly and without compromise; even if the lyrics love to deal in metaphor or intrigue. And yet, and maybe strangely in a world increasingly addicted to proclaiming “its own truth” online, Trupa Trupa still revels in making truthful music that needs no instant affirmation.

[...] Though still carrying the weight of unseen or unheard histories, whether ancient or modern, B FLAT A is the release where the provincial math rock, woozy psychedelia and heavy folk elements finally coalesce in that most unfashionable of things, a sound that can fill a stadium. The band has always been able to shake the roots of any mountain in terms of making a noise but their new record showcases a new, outward-looking sensibility that could moonlight as the kind of sludgy, primetime pop-rock music that Pink Floyd once ensnared half the world’s youth with. [...] Never forget that this music can be a lot of fun, too. A love of opera and the power of Ohm have guided recent gigs. The band members also believe in “family friendship vibes” and “great, openhearted cooperation”, a rarity in the music industry. Kwiatkowski: “Year by year our family is bigger and stronger. We met so many great people on our way and these relations are as important as art. And all of this creates some kind of ethical landscape, which is also very very important for us and for our art.” Cryptic, funny, possessing of a great moral force, Trupa Trupa is a band for these times, whether we are ready for them or not.” (Glitterbeat)