Classical Mechanics mit EP zum Fürstentum Sealand

Nonclassical bringen Mitte März eine neue EP von Marcas Lancasters Projekt Classical Mechanics auf Dubplate und im Download heraus. “Sealand” umfasst vier Tracks, basierend auf dem Einsatz des modularen System Moffenzeef-Synthesizers und ist Inhaltlich der vor der ostenglischen Küste gelegenen Mikronation Fürstentum Seeland gewidmet, einer ehemaligen Seefestung mit bewegter Geschichte.

“‘Sealand’ is an as-yet unrecognised micronation consisting of an off-shore platform in the North Sea built as a sea fort in World War II. Its colourful history includes occupation by pirate radio broadcasters, a mercenary raid, and a rebel government in exile. The principality issues its own stamps, currency, titles and passports. Celebrating this great emblem of English eccentricity, ‘Sealand’ ponders the unknown, tracking unfamiliar signals, picking up far-off sirens and drifting into dark waters. Gentle glitches bump up against melodic clusters, from hissing waves that intimate a foreign music in the heart of noise. From the buoyant propulsion of Porphyry to the oneiric half-spoken fragments of Toise, ‘Sealand’ is a meditation on the nature of autonomy, isolation and sovereignty. To mark the release of ‘Sealand’, Ross has designed and manufactured a limited-edition of ten Eurorack modules. He will also present a workshop for Nonclassical exploring the technology behind a shared aesthetic in the form of a software module which participants can then own. Out 11/03/2022 (digital and dubplate release). The EP is also available physically as a limited dubplate edition, complete with an exclusive Moffenzeef/Classical Mechanics Eurorack drum module (strictly limited to 10 pieces).” (Nonclassical)