Borrowed Scenery: Moljebka Pvlse-Album auf Zoharum

In einigen Wochen erscheint eine neue LP von Moljebka Pvlse, dem Drone- und Ambientprojekt um den Schweden Mathias Josefson, der in den vergangenen zwei Jahrzehnten bereits Dutzende Releases zu verzeichnen hat. Das Album, von dem das Exzerpt “Appearance” bereits als Minialbum auf CD herauskam, enthält zwei seitenfüllende Stücke von subtiler Variation in ruhiger Gangart. Es erscheint 200mal auf schwarzem Vinyl.

“We have been announcing this album for a long time, preceding its premiere with the CDEP “Borrowed Scenery: Appearance” which is both an introduction and a complement to the concept contained on the album. Two long compositions filling both sides of the black vinyl create a very coherent and compact musical material that fits perfectly into the stylistic framework of the ambient / drone aesthetics. Mathias Josefson and his partner attempted to record journeys taking place in the world of our imagination, somewhere on the border of dream and reality, using a specific language that they communicate with their listeners. They consistently develop their previously chosen direction, defining the nature of the latest publications for Reverse Alignment, where the dense, tarry sound material accompanying his work gives way to drone but extremely spatial compositions, based on a whole range of warm and ethereal sounds, emanating from the rich instrumentarium, numerous samples and field recordings. This fragile and volatile substance was used by the duo to form the basis on which they set their suggestive, plastic and strongly influencing music drama on the imagination of the audience.” (Zoharum)

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