Polvere di Rabbia: Kollaboratives Album von Giovanni Di Domenico

Der in Brüssel lebende Römer Giovanni Di Domenico bringt Ene des Monats ein neues Album heraus. Auf dem üppig instrumentierten “Polvere di Rabbia” spielt erstmals die menschliche Stimme meist in Form von Rezitation eine wesentliche Rolle. Vom Label als “Eclectic Composer” apostrophiert, veknüpft Di Domenico hier Elemente klassischer und Neuer Musik mit dezenten Jazz- und Prog-Strukturen zu einer Klangwelt, die (auch) an klassische intalienische Filmscores erinnert, besonders spannungsvoll gestalten sich oft die behenden und in ihrer Subtilität niemals aufdringlichen. “Polvere di Rabbia” erscheint auf LP und digital beim trientiner Label Kohlhaas.

“Over the last decade, Rome-born, Brussels-based eclectic composer Giovanni Di Domenico has been ranging through a diverse number of fields within experimental music. Now, in the midst of a close series of astounding releases, Di Domenico adds another superb piece to his prolific discography as proof of an ever more enduring state of grace. The first of his works ever to feature voice and language as foregrounding elements, the five truly visionary pieces making up Polvere di rabbia reveal a glimpse of the incredibly profound stream of consciousness flowing through Di Domenico’s automatic writing process, here mostly belonging to the diaries he’s been keeping over the years. Featuring instrumental and vocal contributions by Mathieu Calleja, João Lobo, Pak Yan Lau and Lucia Palladino, Polvere di rabbia was recorded between Brussels and Rotterdam and comes in a 12” LP wisely mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. The stunning artwork featuring photographs by Madison Dinelle and design by Nicola Chemotti Beutel are complemented with an insert containing the Italian/English transcription of the lyrics.” (Kohlhaas)

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