Linda: Slagr mit ihrem sechsten Longplayer

Das norwegische Trio Slagr, dessen Name auf deutsch Schlager bedeutet, bringt mit “Linda” sein sechstes Album heraus. “The music of Slagr evolves slowly and almost imperceptibly, heißt es auf der Webseite über den zeitgenössischen Folkstil der Band, ferner: “as part of a deep and trance-like process, the band arrive at a resonant, sonorous continuum of sounds that is as concise as it is poetic”. Das neue Album, in dessen Zentrum Cello, Vibraphon, Tuned Glass und Hardangerfiedel stehen, entstand während der Schwangerschaft von Cellistin Katrine Schiøtt und erscheint bei Hubro.

“The music on the album is written by Katrine Schiøtt in the middle of maternity leave, giving a new touch to the trios distinctive sound. Postpartum – lack of sleep, emotional vulnerability, an extreme focus on something outside oneself; providing nourishment and love to the newborn. A minor state of emergency where small moments can inspire to musical fragments and contemplation on the beginning of life, eternity and transience. In this state, this music was conceived.

Slagr’s music is detached from time, place and the concrete materiality of life. The dark resonance of the cello and the rough vibrations of the Hardanger fiddle, bound together by the transparency of the glasses and the aural tapestries of the vibraphone, draw the listener along with them, beyond geography and culture. The music opens a door to new associations and reflections, without forcing the listener to inhabit a specific space.” (Hubro)

Porträt Malin Longva

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