Canadian Takeover: Hundredmillionthousand und Esther Splett im Berliner Loophole

Am 27. September im Neuköllner Loophole zwei kanadische Acts zu sehen – zum einen der Sound- und Installationskünstler und Laurel Halo-Schüler Hundredmillionthousand aus Edmonton, Alberta, zum anderen die zwischen experimenteller Musik und Performance changierende Künstlerin Esther Splett aus Toronto, Ontario. Beider stellen ihre aktuellen Arbeiten vor.

“HMT is the moniker of Noel Fanaeian, a Canadian artist of Persian-Filipino descent who is known for his immersive quadraphonic live performances. In recent years, Fanaeian has studied under renowned composer Laurel Halo and has toured Canada, the United States, and Europe. His aesthetic combines sound installation, film composition, and contemporary dance score. At any moment, his sound can be dark and suspenseful; ethereal and emotional; or playful and danceable. Fanaeian is on a 9-city European tour to promote his upcoming record “Attention Span”, which digitizes human intimacy into a warped commodity, ready for consumption. Sounds in the album were obtained via consensual field recordings of partners, who met on online dating platforms, having sexual moments. These sounds were processed and harmonized them with operatic stylings, noise, choir chants, and string arrangements. Esther Splett is a solo experimental musician and performance artist who combines noise, drone, sound collage, synthesizers, harp and other instruments. Their live shows involve oddly intoned spoken word lyrics, evocative of early Miranda July, with raw emotional performances, costumes, props and twisted humour. Their presence evokes that of a Victorian ghost, transplanted in time and space and haunting the modern world, confused and seeking ineptly to adapt. Esther creates music from the lens of a queer, femme, gender fluid person, committed to anti oppression/anti-racist values and anti-capitalism. They describe themself as, “Emily Brontë resurrected as a bottle blonde synth player who just wants to have fun but can’t”. They have previously played in the post punk/goth band Sacral Nerves (opening for bands like Shonen Knife and Perfect Pussy). They also played in the femmegore duo Jilted X, merging music, performance art and theatre, culminating in the play Toxic People, performed at Rhubarb Festival 2020. Solo, they have performed alongside Petra Glynt, Syngja, Brigitte Bardon’t, Black Dresses, John Wiese, Jerusalem in My Heart and The Rita at Toronto Noise Fest (2019). They will be doing a European tour in Fall 2022 to promote their new album, Cloven Inlet.” (aus der FB-Eventseite)

Dienstag, 27.09.2022
Beginn 20:30 Uhr
Boddhinstr. 60
12053 Berlin

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