Astral Departures: Erstes Album von Nadia Peter alias Perpetual Bridge

Die aus dem schweitzerischen Lugano stammende Musikerin Nadia Peter, die seit einigen Jahren mit Gitarren, Synthesizer, Effekten und als DJ aktiv ist, bringt in einigen Tagen das erste Vollzeitalbum ihres Soloprojektes Perpetual Bridge heraus, dessen zwischen experimentierfreudiger Elektronik und eingängigen, der “kosmischen” Musik nicht unverwandten Ambientpassagen changierende Stücke von eigens produzierten Kurzfilmen begleitet werden. Das Album erscheint als LP bei Everest Records.

“The choice of the album title is related to the desire to explore sounds and push the mind far away, towards interdimensional worlds, moving from the dreamlike to the transcendental, from the naturalistic to the cosmic. The invitation to contemplation found in the ambient and more experimental tracks alternates, unlike the first release, with more rhythmic tracks. However, the most important part of this album and of Perpetual Bridge in general are the layers, the many tunes that, combined progressively, hypnotically and solemnly express the search for depth and sublime.

The love for certain reference to musicians in the areas of ambient, experimental, electronic music and trip hop are expressed through some little details composition choices that oriented Perpetual Bridge with her deep intent to experiment with genres hybridizations. Astral Departures tells of a journey, to the infinitely distant and unknown from our world but, simultaneously, to dreamscapes that, somehow, are vaguely familiar and microscopic. Bridges, echoes, synergies are created between our earth and the astral world (which can also be understood as an afterlife). This experience, to be lived as such, requires a departure, a sacrifice that also brings with it certain emotions and feelings.

With the depth sought in this project and the complex canvases that are created, the goal is to evoke immersive experiences in which sounds can generate the conception of very vivid images that allow the listener to travel in very odd atmospheres, but, at the same time, visually and melodically accessible.” (Everest Records).

@ Everest Records