Unprotected Sleep: Christine Abdnelnour und Andy Moor mit musikalischer Studie zur Hypnagogie

Christine Abdnelnour und Andy Moor bringen im November ein gemeinsames Album heraus, das sich ganz der hypnagogischen Erfahrung und den Phänomen des ungeschützten Schlafs widmet und dabei auf eigene Erfahrungen der Vulnerabilität im Schlafzustand zurückgreift. Musikalisch basiert “Unprotected Sleep” auf Improvisationen mit Saxofon und Gitarre. Das Album erscheint am 1. November auf CD und zum Download bei Unsounds Records.

“Eleven years ago Christine and I organized a recording session in Vandoeuvre during the Musique Action Festival. We were invited by the late Dominique Repecaud to perform ‘live’ and he kindly offered us a space in the building to record. At the time Christine and I had hardly played together and we spent a couple of days in a small rehearsal studio somewhere in the building of CCAM recording our improvisations. We felt there were a handful of pieces that really stood out but not enough to release as a CD just then, so we shelved the project, waiting for an opportunity to record again in the near future. That future took 10 years to materialize as both of us became very busy with our newly arrived families and other music projects that took up most of our time. We ended up not playing together for many years, until we finally reunited in Rotterdam for a duo in 2019 during the Ex Festival. In September 2021 we managed to organize a second recording session after a concert in Instants Chavirés in Montreuil in our friend Bani’s house”. (Andy Moor)

@ Unsounds