Black Current: Neue LP von Sawt Out

Von dem aus Burkhard Beins (Percussion), Mazen Kerbaj (Trompete) und Michael Vorfeld (Percussion) bestehenden Berliner Improv-Trio Sawt Out erscheint am 28.06. eine neue LP namens “Sawt Out”. Das Album enthält vier zum Teil längere Tracks von sich stetig steigernder Intensität, die – vielleicht gerade aufgrund der fließenden Übergänge iher Komponenten – eine starke Spannung erzeugen. “Sawt Out” erscheint als LP und digital bei Al Maslakh.

“Since its foundation in 2015 the Berlin-based trio Sawt Out has shaped and refined its profile as a prominent improvisational unit. With their unusual acoustic instrumentation of trumpet and two sets of percussion these three gentlemen create bewildering sound worlds rich in detail and of tight musical interaction. Black Current is their second studio album featuring a different approach than its predecessor from 2019, which was more representative of the sudden changes and machine-like precision you can hear in the group’s live performances. On this new album individual ideas emerge in a slower pace and musical material rather flows in currents through the group, often blurring their instrumental origins while shifting and transforming from one player to another. Nevertheless there’s an extraordinary tightness to the group’s interplay throughout all four tracks, sometimes giving the impression of one collective brain being distributed among three musicians, where each slight change of a musical element directly affects all the others”.

@ Mazen Kerbaj