Nina Guo singt Morton Feldmans Three Voices

Am 29. September ist die Sopranistin Nina Guo im Berliner KM28 mit einer Aufführung von Morton Feldmans “Thee Voices” zu sehen. “Morton Feldman’s Three Voices is an almost hour-long piece for one singer accompanied by two recordings of the same singer”, heißt es im Programmtext. “Composed in 1982 for Joan La Barbara, it has the soft dynamics, repetitions, cluster chords, and seamlessly shifting phrases that one expects from Feldman’s later works. The only text is the opening two lines from Frank O’ Hara’s Wind, ‘Who’d have thought/ that snow falls.’

The minimal musical material in combination with the uncanny sound of one voice tripled over itself makes Three Voices a truly distinct vocal work. It lays the voice bare and makes it unfamiliar at the same time. Nina Guo is a high soprano who is interested in the sounds and music of recent and ongoing times. Her performance practice includes interpreting notated music, improvising, and collaborating on interdisciplinary projects. Radio and humor play large roles in her work. She is also one half of the Departure Duo (with Eddie Kass, contrabass), dedicated to performing, commissioning, and researching works written specifically for soprano and double bass”.

Freitag, 29.11.2023
Einlass 20:00 Uhr
Karl-Marx-Straße 28
12043 Berlin

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