Blast of Sirens: Kollaboration zwischen Ah! Kosmos und Hainbach

Ende Oktober bringen FUU Records die gemeinsame LP “Blast of Sirens” Ah! Kosmos und Hainbach heraus – unter den Projektnamen firmieren die beiden Berliner Acts Başak Günak und Stefan Goetsch. “Blast of Sirens” ist eine von Entdeckergeist getriebene Erkundungsreise in die Grenzregionen zwischen Wohlklang und verzerrten Dissonanzen auf der Basis von Tapetechnik und dem Einsatz analoger Synthies.

Vom Label heißt es: “Ah! Kosmos and Hainbach, two experimental musicians based in Berlin. They met because of a shared interest in the distortions of tape and the wild oscillations of test equipment. From conversations over coffee they started making music together in Hainbach’s studio. In each meeting, they aim to explore the liminal spaces between comfort and unease, consonance and dissonance. Exploring the large collection of instrumental oddities together we found a common voice in science equipment as a rhythm source, faded Italian synthesizer for drama, Moog-basses and tape processed noises. A hundred year old Bechstein piano adds its weight to the record, which shimmers dark and beautiful.

A field trip to legendary Willem Twee Studios kicks off Side B of the album, where you can hear a mighty ARP2500 and even more rare instruments lamenting. From their extensive sessions, Ah! Kosmos & Hainbach worked on the pieces that resonated most deeply with both themselves and each other. They took the songs to Ah! Kosmos studio for mixing, with much care taken to sculpt the sounds, where harmonious beauty coexists with captivating chaos. Dissonance and sirens of the analog synthesizers become the foundation upon which they construct a breathtaking sonic edifice. Blast of Sirens invites listeners to immerse themselves in an untamed sonic realm”. Das Album ist auch als Kassette zu haben.

Foto: Arda Funda