Off World 3: Finale der Trilogie von Sandro Perri

Am 3. November und somit ganze sechs Jahre nach dem Vorgänger erscheint der dritte Teil der von Producer Sandro Perri ins Leben gerufenen Off World-Reihe, die vom Label als “trilogy of surreal and spacious leftfield electronics” beschrieben wird – diesmal in Kollaboration Nicole Rampersaud (Trompete), Martin Arnold (Gotarre), Jesse Zubot (Violine) sowie Drew Brown, Matthew Cooper, Susumu Mukai und Andrew Zukerman an Samples, modularer Synthese, Drum Machine und weiterer Elektronik, die einmal mehr für die Dekonstruktion einer auf vielfältigen Klangquellen basierenden Mixtur sorgen. Das Album erscheint bei Constellation Records und ist als LP, CD und zum Download erhältlich.

“Well into a decade of their existence, Off World present 3, their poignant swan song – a planned conclusion to a trio of releases begun in 2016. The project is built around numerous and varied collaborations, helmed by producer Sandro Perri. Perri has worked with Constellation since 2003 and is one of the label’s most artistically diverse music makers. “Quite literally a work of pure fiction” is the way that Perri describes the exploratory synth project Off World. Perri’s reference is to the composition process – the ways in which the unrelated performances, sound worlds, and audio files were fused together to create something entirely new. Chiefly a studio-based endeavour, Perri will be the first to insist that Off World is not “his” project: tracing its origins as far back as 2008, with Perri and fellow Torontonian Lorenz Peter (Processor, Corpusse) working together on tracks and very occasionally performing live, the project expanded to encompass collaborations between Perri and many others. Off World 1 was released in Sept 2010, and featured Drew Brown (Lower Dens, Blonde Redhead, Beck), Susumu Mukai (Holy Tongue, Vanishing Twin, Zongamin), M J Silver (Mickey Moonlight), Mike Smith, Jesse Zubot (Zubot and Dawson, Great Uncles of the Revolution, Fond of Tigers), and Andrew Zukerman. [...] Off World 2 was released in Oct 2017, and featured Drew Brown, Eric Chenaux, Matthew Cooper, Craig Dunsmuir (Glissandro 70, Kanada 70), Brandon Hocura, Susumu Mukai and Lorenz Peter. [...] The music that yielded from these many and varied collaborations is strange, hypnotic and charming, conjuring the image of a lonely drone trucking over the surface of another world and the sights it captures on its mission”. (Constellation)