Cursory Asperses: Wiederveröffentlichung von Celer

Will Long und Danielle Baquet alias Celer bringen Mitte des Monats ein neu gemastertes Album heraus, das 2008 als limitierte CDr bei Slow Flow Rec erschienen ist. “Cursory Asperses” markierte seinerzeit vor allem durch seine zeitliche Strukturiertheit eine Besonderheit im Werk der beiden, hier erteilen sie den längeren Formaten vieler ihrer Kompositionen eine Absage zugunsten kürzerer Stücke, bei denen zeitliche und klangliche Details im Fokus stehen. Die fragile Aura vieler auch späterer Celer-Arbeiten findet sich in den auf aquatischen Feldaufnahmen ebenso wie auf Elektronik, Streichern und Tapetechnik basierenden Sounds ebenso wie die organisch anmutende Wärme vieler ihrer Stücke. Das Album erscheint nun auf CD und zum Download bei Room40.

“Recorded in 2007 and 2008, Cursory Asperses was created with cassette tape recordings of water sounds from various rivers, streams, lakes, beaches, and pools, combined with direct to tape instrument recordings from synthesizers, an organ, cello, piano, and bowed instruments. Instead of traditionally mixing these, at the time we were interested in software, using free Mac OS Classic programs such as Audiosculpt and Soundhack. Before we had a DAW, before VSTs, we used non-realtime convolution processing through software, using the water recordings as an impulse for the instrument sounds. The instrument sounds were “arranged” (by adding silence before, during, or after) in layered, visual swathes, to create an audio interpretation of the movement of water and waves, slowly evolving and shifting, for a meditation on deep and focused listening. Opposed to passivity, where sounds become lost in distant tones and layers upon layers are misinterpreted as single, meaningless tones. Or, it’s just as meaningless as the passing of water, the flow of rivers – the crashes of sparkling ocean waves, all those sounds that we recognize. The tones are unpolished, left in their fuzzy form, with the high noise crushed into the deep. Behind the swells, and under the depths is a longing, or a lack thereof. It’s passing by, no different than it was years before”. (Will Long)