Divine Supplication: Kollaborative Songsammlung von Derek Piotr

Der aus Neuengland stammende Sänger, Musiker und Folkloreforscher Derek Piotr bringt im Mai und so ziemlich genau zwei Jahre nach dem Vorgänger “The Devil Knows Her” ein neues Album heraus, an dem eine ganze Reihe an Gästen – siehe Tags – beteiligt sind. Der Kulturwissenschaftler Dr. Michael Waugh von der Newcastle University schreibt: “Divine Supplication, Derek Piotr’s new release, is a deeply intimate work wrought from a series of personal tragedies. Yet while this opening description might elicit expectations of bleak navel gazing, the record is among Piotr’s warmest collections of songs to date. Despite its composition beginning in such an uncertain and fearful place, the completed pieces would ultimately come to be defined by the excitement of collaboration: Divine Supplication is Derek Piotr’s party album. Largely jettisoning introspection, seeking rather to heal through exploration and connection, Piotr has crafted an eclectic record whose lasting impressions are those of joy and play. Frequently surprising but never forcefully jarring, the choices made in terms of both collaborators and track sequencing serve to highlight the diversity of Piotr’s aesthetic concerns – now, yes, but also across his musical journey to this point. There are traces of the frivolity of Forest People Pop, the vocal distortions of Grunt, the emotional gravity of Avia, the folk de/reconstructions of Making and Then Unmaking and The Devil Knows How; here complementing and offsetting one another in new and unexpected ways”. Das Album erscheint als CD auf dem von Piotr geführten DPSR-Label.