Kollaboration zwischen Mia Zabelka und Icostech

Die Violinistin und Performerin Mia Zabelka bringt Anfang März ihre erste Zusammenarbeit mit dem indischen Elektronik-Projekt Icostech heraus – ein Name, hinter dem sich der als Bassist und Gitarrist tätige Arun Natarajan verbirgt. “Aftershock” ist ein Album voll doppelter Böden, das einen in ambienter Sicherheit wiegt, um im Verlauf einige Kurswechsel in ruppige Techno-Terrains und improvisierte Strudel vorzunehmen. Das Album erscheint als CD und digital bei Natarajans Label Subcontinental Records.

“Aftershock is a collaborative effort by violinist extraordainaire Mia Zabelka (Vienna) and extreme metal bassist/guitarist Arun N (Bangalore) which reflect their respective styles and playing, equal parts of soothing ambience, textures make way for improvised parts created predominantly from violin and bass guitar. Juxtaposed with a vibe of post apocalyptic illegal but now legal gatherings, Aftershock gently caresses never before heard hard ambient with free improvisation, techno and experimental electronic music all in a single wave packed into a solid 60 min set meant to be heard from beginning to end in a single sitting to grasp. Adding to this concoction is a special guest, trumpet veteran Joshua Trinidad from Denver.

In her music, Mia Zabelka deals with acoustic interaction between the body and its surrounding environment, with special focus on the “sound gesture”. The sound gesture is the notion of how sound moves and how it moves the body at the same time – the embodiment of sound, an intuitive body-sound-machine linkage. Mia Zabelka scrutinizes this form of interface technique with her sound art and explore it with a view to its potential for application in communication between humans and autonomous machines; the coexistence of man and machine in converged environments is entrusted to hearing.

Mia Zabelka is very interested in the interdisciplinarity between music and science. The term “scientific music” best applies to her work. It is music beyond melodies, harmonies and rhythm. Scientific music is concerned with making automatic, mechanical processes audible. It is noise, movement, automation, division, symbiosis, dissonance and resonance. An endless adventure of sound discovery. Arun Natarajan, founder of Subcontinental and Guitarist / Bassist / Eextreme metal musician / Electronic musician under the moniker ICOSTECH complements Mia Zabelka’s performance on Aftershock with electronic sounds, Guitars, Bass, Noise and Ambiance.” (Subcontinental)

@ Subcontinental Records