Nurse With Wounds Sylvie & Babs als Picture Disc

Nurse With Wound bringen eine Picture Disc ihres “Sylvie & Babs”-Albums von 1985 (eigentlich “The Sylvie And Babs Hi-Fi Companion”) mit neuem Artwork der legendären Babs Santini heraus. Die Platte erscheint im Mai bei United Dirter.
“Sylvie and Babs is one of the most memorable, playful, and fascinating albums in the NWW oeuvre (though a decidedly unrepresentative one)…few (if any) other artists could’ve woven capricious contrarianism, low humor, bad puns, endless non-sequiturs, and chaos into such a satisfying whole” (Anthony D’Amico/Brainwashed)

@ Dirter