Nova Naturo: Neue Soloarbeit von Haco

Der Room40-Ableger Someone Good bringt weiter hinten im Juni eine neue CD der japanischen Sängerin und experimentelle Musikerin Haco heraus, die seit den 80ern in zahlreichen Kollaborationen und mit Bands wie After Dinner und Hoahio von sich reden machte. Die Musik auf “Nova Naturo” ist eher songorientiert und verknüpft eine ambiente Grundstruktur mit verhuschtem Gesang und einem dezenten Popappeal. Das Album erscheint mit Artwork von Eiichi Tosaki auf CD und digital.

“On Nova Naturo, Japan’s Haco expands her already divergent song craft into a zone that meshes field recording, electronics and layers of floating voice into an imagined sound environment that encourages a sense of a deepened interior terrain. Haco’s work in groups including the now legendary After Dinner and Hoahio have earned her a unique and respected position in the Japanese music communities, but it is with her solo work that she has unlocked an utterly unique and deeply personal approach to sound. Drawing inspiration from mythologies surrounding ideas of rebirth, Nova Naturo propagates a sense of ambience, but arrives at this sensation without dwelling in the aesthetics of ambient music. Rather, Haco combines unexpected elements, and uses these combinations to refocus our ears and invites us to listen closely, but with a sense of relaxation. This record is not a labour and instead suggests a kind of release from labour, an opening out into place, into the human experience of exploration and the rewards that come to those present in the moment.” (Someone Good)

“Maybe the turbulent sky itself is singing – blue sky, intense bright sky, dark moon sky – its many voices emanating from frozen rain drops, pollen carried by breezes, insects too small to see with the naked eye, hummingbirds, leaves as they fall from trees, mist that shrouds the world in mystery yet speaks of a new nature, without a body yet with many bodies. A voice is floating, almost within reach, travelling as if a physical being, moving far away yet always here, so close as to be inside, spinning inside each lantern, flickering light.” (David Toop)

@ Hacohaco