Drone-Session mit Acrartep im Berliner Liebig12

Eugenio Petrarca alias Acrartep und eine Hälfte des Experimental-Duos Ab Uno, spielt am 17. Juli ein Drone-Setim Berliner Liebig12. ein umfangreiches modulares Synthie-Patchwork kommt zum Einsatz, im Anschluss sorft DJ und VJ Licia Londini von Ancestral Futuro Remoto für ein audiovisuelles After Show-Programm. Aufgrund der Gemütlichkeit des Raumes und der aktuellen Bestimmungen sind die Sitzplätze limitiert, Last Minute-Reservierungen unter tanzimquadrat@yahoo.it sind ratsam.

“Acrartep is the moniker of artist Eugenio Petrarca, created for performance solo and with collaborators. Member and co-founder of the ambient project Ab Uno. His compositions are spontaneous arrangements of modular synthesizers patch pieces. Acratep research is based on Ambient Music, where each sound gets its unique sonic character through a combination of overtones, namely higher frequencies that sound like are dancing on the top of the sound spectrum. Long standing tones, slow movements, shifts repetition and layering.”

“Licia – @ Mixcloud – is the co-founder of Ancestral Futuro Remoto, a regular event focused on ambient/experimental music. In her practice she investigates the possible meaning of “remote future”, trying to understand to which extent we can still find traces of the fareway world of the ancestors in our present, and if there really is something primordial and atavistic inside us.”

Freitag, 17.07.2021,19 Uhr
Liebigstrasse 12
10247 Berlin

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