Is there a mind? Fundraiser für neues Album der Swans

Wie schon in den vergangenen Jahren gibt es im Vorfeld der Aufnahmen für das neue Album der Swans einen Fundraiser zur Finanzierung. Unter dem Titel „Is There a Mind?“ werden zehn von Michael Gira eingespielte Akustikversionen künftiger Swansstücke als handgemachte CD veröffentlicht.

Gira sagt zur Genese der Songs: „The songs for the new album were written over the last year or so in the midst of the seemingly endless pandemic, in which, at the time of this writing, we still somehow find ourselves. We had planned an extensive tour for the last album, Leaving Meaning, but it was cancelled, and then rescheduled again several times before we finally and abjectly conceded defeat and decided to wait it out. After a period of deep and dulled depression stemming primarily from the inability to move forward, I finally decided to abandon plans for that tour entirely and to instead write new songs for a new album. The result is the 10 songs now available here. As is usual in the process, these are simple versions of the songs performed at home with acoustic guitar and my voice. Though the performances here stand on their own these recordings will also act as a template for the coming work with other musicians.“

An dem neuen Album werden einige weitere Musikerinnen und Musiker mitwirken: “The core musicians slated to perform and act as the band Swans in these recordings are listed below (numerous other people will be enlisted along the way as well). As usual, their sensibility and talent will greatly help in ushering the songs into a fully realized form. My hope is that result will surprise and delight us all.

Kristof Hahn – Kristof will play electric guitar, lap steel and acoustic guitar.

Larry Mullins – Larry will play drums, orchestral percussion and keyboards

Phil Puleo – Phil will play drums, hammer dulcimer and other instruments

Dana Schechter – Dana will play bass guitar, lap steel guitar, keyboards and other instruments.

Christopher Pravdica – Christopher will play bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards and electronic gizmos.

Ben Frost – Ben will play synthesizer, electric guitar, and generate sounds from various sources.

Michael Gira – Michael will play acoustic and electric guitar and sing and will produce the recordings.”

 @ Young God Records