Familiar Science: Neues von Joyfultalk auf Constellation

Nach “Plurality Trip”, “A Separation of Being” und der digitalen EP “New Biology” kehrt Joy Crocker erneut mit seinem Projekt Joyfultalk zurück zu Constellation Records und bringt in den nächsten Tagen den Longplayer “Familiar Science” heraus. Im Unterschied zu den Duett-Formaten früherer Veröffentlichungen arbeiten Crocker diesmal mit einem umfangreicheren Ensemble in der Tradition einer Jazzcombo, deren Brass Section, Saiten und Drums dem Soundart-Charakter keinen Abbruch tun. (Nicht immer) smoothe Bläser spielen vor herausfordernden rhythmischen Klangkulissen, die immer wieder selbst zu Akteuren werden, deren Tempo und rhythmische Struktur sich im steten Wandel befindet. “Familiar Science” erscheint in den gängigen Formaten.

“JOYFULTALK returns with its third album for Constellation; another vibrantly divergent stylistic take on the analog materiality and sensibility of electronic composer-producer Jay Crocker, whose previous two records forged trance-inducing polyrhythmic intricacy, each from a distinct angle and sound palette, each enlisting a single instrumental collaborator. Familiar Science rallies contributions from a larger cast of musicians into a looser, cosmic recombinant combo—still shot through with JOYFULTALK’s singular mixing desk kinetics, but this time deep-diving into gnarled and twisted, spliced and diced out-jazz. Crocker draws inspiration from 1980s M-Base music and Ornette Coleman’s harmolodic funk period, while his own prior history as an improv guitarist also resurfaces for the first time in many years—an element in this polyvalent artist’s chemistry set that hasn’t appeared prominently in his own music for over a decade.

Familiar Science finds Crocker folding time (as lockdown will do), immersed in his present-day kaleidoscope of solitary art and music practices in rural Nova Scotia, while channeling his former life as a bustling jazz collaborator in Calgary, Alberta. Building outwards from roiling resampled acoustic drums, Crocker extracted additional sonic and rhythmic textures, then formed the head of each song using dusted-off archival recordings and his own bass, keys and midi sequencing. Albertan percussionists Eric Hamelin (Ghostkeeper, Chad Vangaalen) and Chris Dadge (Lab Coast, Alvvays) provided improvised drum tracks to be chopped and harvested; Nova Scotia-based Nicola Miller (Ryan Driver, Doug Tielli) laid down resplendent excursions on saxophone and flute; Crocker’s own dexterous guitar appears on several cuts. Familiar Science also poignantly features samples from live recordings by the late Calgary saxophonist-iconoclast Dan Meichel, catalysing some of the album’s heaviest contortions.” (Constellation)