The Dictator: Neue EP von Cathrine Graindorge und Iggy Pop

Glitterbeat bringen am 9. September eine neue 12″-EP mit vier Tracks der belgischen Musikerin Catherine Graindorge und Iggy Pop heraus. Die in Mailart-Manier entstandenen Stücke an der Grenze zwischen Songs und Soundscapes basieren auf einer Mixtur aus facettenreicher Elektronik und ambienten Streicherparts als Grundlage für eine ergreifenden Rezitation, die sich nur in besonderen Momenten in Gesang transformiert. “Iggy said to send him a track. I began to improvise, and came up with three pieces. We communicated and started to exchange ideas”, beschreibt Graindorge die gemeinsame Arbeit. Iggy betont eine gesellschaftsbezogene Qualität der Arbeit: “My contribution is to report, through words, the current threat and the longing for happiness and peace”. Die EP erscheint in der von Glitterbeat begründeten tak:til-Reihe.

“It all began with the radio. A pair of songs that triggered a collaboration between Belgian violinist and composer Catherine Graindorge and the iconic Iggy Pop. Together, they’ve forged a meeting of minds and spirits that’s resulted in the The Dictator, an EP that combines their talents: her music, his voice. “He played two tracks of mine [from the tak:til album Eldorado] on his BBC 6 Music show last November,” Graindorge explains, “so I sent an email addressed to Iggy to the producer of the show, saying that I was very honoured and that I’d be delighted to work on a track with him. It was completely spontaneous; I never thought anything would really happen.” But it did. To her disbelief and absolute delight, a reply came two days later: Catherine, I would love to make a track, Iggy. Graindorge is no stranger to working with others. During her career, in addition to solo work and being part of the band Nile on WaX, she’s worked with artists like Nick Cave, Hugo Race and esteemed producer/musician John Parish. Still, she expected nothing more than to add her violin to a song of his. Instead, she recalls, “Iggy said to send him a track. I began to improvise, and came up with three pieces at home. We communicated and began to exchange ideas.” Her wish turned into a fever dream of creativity.” (Glitterbeat)

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