Phantasmagorie und Illusionsbildung: Neues Album der Künstlerin Camilla Pisani

Mitte Dezember erscheint das neue Album der audiovisuellen Künstlerin Camilla Pisani. Wie der Titel “Phant[as]” schon impliziert, dreht sich auf dem Album, dessen neun Abschnitte immer wieder neue Facetten dunkler, experimenteller Elektronik offenbaren, um die tiefen psychologischen Dimensionen der Vorstellungskraft und Illusionsbildung. Neben persönlichen Erfahrungen geht das Konzept auf Pisanis Beschäftigung mit dem Theater der Phantasmagorie zurück. Die besonders im vorrevolutionären Paris des 18. Jahrhunderts beliebte Theaterform arbeitete mit Bildern von Skeletten, Dämonen und Geistern, die auf Wände oder Laken projiziert wurden. Das Album erscheint als CD und Download beim Cyclic Law-Ableger Aesthetical.

“The album [...] revolves around the concept of “illusion” to be understood as a succession of images, sounds, colours, objects, actions that vividly affect the senses and imagination showing unreal and intangible figures, but still visible and paralysing, just like our fears are. In fact, each track deals with my different turmoils, negative thoughts that have conditioned the last few years of her life and describe uneasy conditions shared by most of her peers (toxic relationships; job insecurity and exploitation; immateriality of the future, translated into frustration, exhaustion/desperation, claustrophobia and a desire to escape; anguish, panic and a sense of powerlessness towards nature and disease). The project is presented as a cathartic experience in which she exorcises her mental ghosts and confronts challenges with the powerful and persuasive weapon that is sound, composed of obsessive rhythms and evanescent atmospheres. Finally, the reference to the Magic Lanterns is linked to her research in the field of audiovisuals, since they were the first performances in which an attempt was made, through the combination of motion graphics, light games and sound, to obtain greater sensorial and emotional involvement with the public.” (Aesthetical)