Wiederveröffentlichung von B.E.F.: Music For Stowaways

Im April veröffentlicht Cold Spring als Vinyl, CD und Download das ursprünglich 1981 nur auf Tape veröffentlichte Debütalbum von B.E.F., British Electric Foundation, dem Projekt von Ian Craig Marsh und Martyn Ware, das zeitgleich mit Heaven 17 entstand, nachdem die beiden The Human League verlassen hatten.

Music For Stowaways” is a collection of stark, moody, cinematic-sounding material that took its title from an early Walkman design called the Sony Stowaway, one which allowed owners to “design a soundtrack for your everyday life for the first time and have it playing while you walked around”.

“[That] became the theory behind [Music for Stowaways]“, explained Martyn Ware. “It was about how you could play your music and change your mood wherever you were. Basically, the Walkman liberated music. And there we were at the sharp end with this cassette-only release”.

All tracks composed, arranged, performed and produced by Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware for the British Electric Foundation, except for:

Uptown Apocalypse – written by Ian Craig Marsh, Martyn Ware, Steven James Turner (bass) and Adi Newton (synthesizer).

The Optimum Chant – produced by B.E.F. and Glenn Gregory.

Groove Thang – features bass and guitar by John Wilson.

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