Out Together: Album von Andrew Osterhoudt auf Geographic North

Der in Brooklyn ansässige Andrew Osterhoudt hat gerade auf Geographic North sein Debüttape „Out Together“ veröffentlicht, auf dem der Komponist von Ka Baird an der Flöte und gesanglich sowie von John Also Bennett (Flöte) unterstützt wurde.

„Over the past few years, Andrew Osterhoudt has quietly curated a slew of comforting kosmische musik that gazes deep into the stars while peering just as deeply inward. Now, the Brooklyn-based composer sets their sights on more tangible artifacts and nearby nuance with ‘Out Together,’ an earthbound fit of maniacal mindfulness mixed with calm chaos.

Constructed on a scaffold of juxtaposed symmetry, the two sides of ‘Out Together’ foil and compliment each other in delicate harmony. Live collaborations with Ka Baird and John Also Bennett (JAB) colligate with manipulated found sounds from records and digital audio files from old broadcasting sound libraries, recontextualized into moments of ambient turntablism. The search for harmony shines throughout. Take the final tones of A-side closer “Runoff” drifting downstream with bubbly textures and arpeggiated bliss, trying to reach harmony with the initial tones of B-side opener “Frequency.” The latter ultimately spotlights a fortuitous flute duet from Baird and JAB born from Osterhoudt’s own graphic score.

The patient pointillism and avant assurance of “Crowds” balances out the opposite side’s “Everyone Arriving, Eventually,” a tone poem of sand-like textures flowing through melodic reeds and other sonic detritus. “Undergrowth” awakens in a steam-drenched run of modulated meditation, focusing on Ka Baird’s singularly enraptured vocal exorcisms which perfectly reflect its B-side counterpart “The Breathing Green,” engaged in a din of rustic psychedelia with waves of buzzing, ember-like tones and unseen fauna.

As a whole, ‘Out Together’ presents a vibrant spectrum of feelings ranging from magnified isolation to zoomed-out, wide-angled euphoria.“

@ Geographic North / @ Bandcamp