Music for Bowls and other Voices: Neues Album von Mark St.John Ellis

Im April soll Mark St. John Ellis’ Soloalbum „Music For Bowls And Other Voices“ erscheinen. „Mark St.John Ellis started work on this album in 2018 exploring sounds with bowls, samples and his own bass voice as a drone creating harmonics through the technique of nose and throat singing which was double tracked to create additional sonics. This work became pleasurably side tracked by the Arts Council of Ireland funded soundscape project, The Empty Vessel with the voice of Catríona O’Leary which was in ten parts. The four part version followed with the voice of Lisa Gerrard which became the film video collaboration with Michael O’Reilly. Whilst Music for bowls and other Voices is a solo album, the working process with the creative technician and producer Martin Quinn of JAM Studios in Kells Ireland played an integral part.“

Neben der reinen CD-Veröffentlichung gibt es ein Set, dem drei Drucke mit dem Artwork beiliegen.

Zuletzt hatte Ellis unter den Titeln „Paradisiac“ und „Psalms of Persuasion“ zwei alte Elijah’s Mantle-Alben (das Debüt “Angels of Perversity” und “Psalms From Invocations”) überarbeitet.

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