Giorgia: Neue Single von Lust for Youth

Das schwedisch-dänische Duo Hannes Norrvide und Malthe Fischer alias Lust for Youth hat just eine neue digitale Single über Sacred Bones herausgebracht. “Giorgia” zeigt den Synthpop- und Wavesound der beiden von seiner gitarrigen Seite und enthält erstmals schwedische Lyrics. Der Song ist über die gängigen Platformen als Stream und Download erhältlich.

“A guitar driven anthem with a pulsating synth bass, that evokes the hazy warmth of summer nights while also conveying a disquieting sense of darkness and unease. The track marks the first time that Hannes writes and sings in his native Swedish, revealing a new layer of vulnerability to Lust For Youth’s music. Known for their captivating live performances, Lust For Youth has cultivated a dedicated following by seamlessly integrating dreamy pop hooks, infectious beats and brooding synth scapes. In June, they will be performing at the iconic Sydney Opera House alongside HTRK, Croatian Amor and Yl Hooi.” (Sacred Bones)

@ Sacred Bones