Nadja und Hypnodrone: Zwei Live-Tapes bei Midira

Nadja und das von Aidan Baker und Eric Quach ins Leben gerufene Hypnodrone ensemble haben für dieses Frühjahr einige Live-Shows geplant, als Überraschung wurden je ein Live-Tape in geringer Stückzahl für den Merch produziert. Da die Konzerte auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben wurden, sind die beiden Kassetten nun über das Label erhältlich.“This Nadja release features an epic and very atmospheric live version of “SV” as played in Christuskirche Bochum at Moving Noises Festival. The artwork is adapted from the original graphic design by Seldon Hunt and comes as an all over print on a maltese cross folded sleeve. The tapes come in two different editions with two different onbody designs. 50 copies are housed in pink recycled tapeshells and 50 copies come in pink transparent tapeshells without windows.

This is our first collaboration with Hypnodrone Ensemble, the ongoing and constantly transforming bandproject by Aidan Baker and Eric Quach. On “Enneun” both guitarists are joined by three drummers. This very dynamic and intense set is a live recording from the last tour in November. We have 80 copies housed in printed o-card sleeves, featuring live pictures from that tour. The tapes come with onbody prints on both sides of the grey recycled tapeshells.” (Midira)

Covermotiv © Mockie Knippser

Midira Records