Retrieving Beirut: Benefiz-Compilation in vier Teilen

Syrphe Records haben eine vierteilige, digital erhältlich Compilation zusammengestellt, deren Erlös mehreren Organisationen zukommt, die sich um die notwendigsten Angelegenheiten zur Bewältigung der aktuellen Situation in der libanesischen Hauptstadt Beirut kümmern. Knapp hundert Acts aus zahlreichen Ländern haben Beiträge zur Verfügung gestellt, einige davon sind exklusiv.
Zu den Künstlern, die auf unseren Seiten bereits vorkamen, zählen Pas Musique, Jessika Khazrik, Dave Phillips, Tzii, Leonie Roessler, Black Lesbian Fishermen, Empusae, Michael Zerang, Thisquietarmy, Slow Slow Loris, Gelaneh Pour und Mick Trembath, Thea Farhadian, Luong Hue Trinh und Syrphe-Gründer C-drik alias Cedrik Fermont.

“The current crisis around the world frequently reveals the incompetence and apathy of many politicians, investors, business leaders, and the ultra-wealthy. The various crises we are facing may promote division, as groups meet such extreme sociopolitical and cultural challenges. But we can also choose the option to stand together, to take matters into our own hands. I hope this compilation sends a strong message of unity against adversity.

In less than 24 hours, 97 artists and bands from over 40 countries kindly provided their compositions to be included on this project to support the Lebanese people, victims of a rigged and corrupted system. On such short notice, some even took time to record new compositions.

[...] The benefits raised through Bandcamp will be offered to one or more Lebanese charities, updates will be published on this page – so far, we are investigating which one of those organisations would be fair and trustworthy.” (Syrphe)