Zwei digitale Releases von Causeyoufair

Der Istanbuler Soundkünstler Yigit Demirel alias Causeyoufair bringt zwei neue digitale Alben heraus. “L’Sonnet Vol I” und “Vol II”, die durch ein subtiles inneres Referenzsystem miteinander verbunden sind, enthalten 33 feinsinnig gestaltete ambiente Soundscapes, die dem Hall huldigen und in ihrer anrührenden Emotionalität bereits mit den Arbeiten William Basinskis und Stars of the Lids verglichen wurden. Die Alben erscheinen wie frühere Veröffentlichungen Demirels bei Audiobulb Records.

“Causeyoufair is Yigit Demirel who lives in Istanbul Turkey. He has been making music since he was a little child back in 80s playing Turkish drum called Darbouka in his hometown Ordu in Turkey. Before he started composing electronic music, he attended Berklee College Of Music in Boston MA, USA and he studied Jazz Composition in the 90s. He was playing Alto Saxophone at that time.

At the beginning of the late 90s when the computers were getting better, he bought himself a PC and started making experimental electronica music. His work captures emotions of longing, loss and timeless love. Causeyoufair has released one EP with Audiobulb as well as the critically acclaimed album There I Lay And Time Imperfections that has graced worldwide sleep and calm playlists.” (Audiobulb)

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