Computers S.P.A.: Reissue des Klassikers von Maurizio Bianchi

Verlag System bringen in den nächsten Tagen eine Vinyl-Edition des legendären M.B.-Tapes “Computers S.P.A”  heraus, das 1980 erschien und zwei improvisierte Tracks basierend auf dem Korg MS synthesizer-20 enthält. Die LP enthält eine weitere CDr mit “dekomponierten” Versionen der Stücke von Siegmar Fricke alias Pharmakustik und weiteres Bonusmaterial. Das neue Artwork entstand in Zusammenarbeit zwischen Bianchi, Fricke und Labelgründer Alonso Urbanos – “A combination with traditional tecnique of collage, ‘xeroxed copy’ scan and digital treatment in ‘Off-set’ quality print. Taken original ideas from early 80′s ‘mailing trade’ music on cassette format”, wie es im Begleittext heißt. “Computers S​.​P​.​A.” ist auch digital erhältlich.

“After the “concretistic” beginnings and the synthesis between integral concretism and artificial synthetism, in the autumn of 1980 I arrived at the synthetic court of the purest and most uncompromising electronics and thus the “COMPUTERS S.P. A.” project was born, consisting of two improvisations on the Korg MS synthesizer-20, free of ancestral prejudice and freely inspired by computerized music that in the second half of the 70s was gaining ground in the academic schools of experimentation. After more than 40 years, these “technical rehearsals” could seem a playful and carefree exercise, while instead they cover a dramatic denunciation of the sounds generated without the basic help of emotion and spontaneity, essential elements of the most genuine and constructive avantgarde music”. (M.B., September 2022)