David Jackman / Organum Electronics-Subskriptionsserie auf Die Stadt

Seitdem David Jackman vor einigen Jahren wieder neue Aufnahmen einspielte, sind eine Reihe von Alben unter dem Namen Organum Electronics erschienen, die weitaus noisiger waren als die Musik, die Jackman zuletzt als Organum machte. Über das 2020 veröffentlichte „Stilness“ hieß es hier, dass Jackmans Musik „absolut“ sei. Nun werden im kommenden Jahr zahlreiche weitere zwischen 2019 und 2019 entstandene Alben auf Die Stadt veröffentlicht werden. Den Anfang machen Ende November “Quietude” und “Darcknes”. „Die Stadt is very pleased to announce the release of two new albums by ORGANUM ELECTRONICS for the end of November 2023.

DS128 – ORGANUM ELECTRONICS ‘Quietude’ CD – 15,00 €

DS130 – ORGANUM ELECTRONICS ‘Darcknes’ CD – 15,00 €

These are the first in a series of 7 new OE / David Jackman CD’S on Die Stadt. It’s still possible to purchase the subscription and to get the Bonus CD which will be exclusive to subscribers. Find all the information following here:
Die Stadt is delighted to announce the forthcoming release of a series of 7 David Jackman / Organum Electronics CD albums, 2 of them which will be Double CD’s.

These works are all connected with each other and built part of an ever evolving greater piece David Jackman has been working on since his return to compose new music back in 2018. Recorded between 2019 – 2022 and edited by Alan Jones / RMS Studios South London, each CD will come in a 4panel Digisleeve with graphic artwork by Jonathan Coleclough.Die Stadt is offering a subscription to the series of albums which will be released in intervals of 3-4 months (2 albums at a time) starting in November 2023 and ending in fall 2024 / beginning of 2025.

As a very special extra all subscribers will get an exclusive Bonus CD, which will not be available anywhere else.

Furthermore all subscribers are entitled to purchase a copy of the forthcoming numbered & colored Vinyl 7inch sub editions of: ORGANUM ELECTRONICS ‚Fiire‘ (DS125) + DAVID JACKMAN ‚Das Kreuz‘ (DS127) scheduled for release beginning of 2025 (Prices: t.b.a.). The standard versions will appear without numbering on black vinyl.

Price for the complete subscription will be:

150,00 € (incl. standard shipping) GERMANY
160,00 € (incl. standard airmail shipping) REST OF WORLD
*Please add 10,00 € for tracked shipping

Subscriptions can be ordered by writing to: