Hommage an Twin Peaks: Neue EP von Noveller

Nur wenige Wochen nach ihre auf CD veröffentlichten Miniaturen-Sammlung “Aphantasia” bringt Sarah Lipstate a.k.a. Noveller eine 2-Track-EP heraus, die sich mit der Serie Twin Peaks” befasst und Versionen des Hauptthemas und des Songs “Red Room” enthält. Video und Artwork stammen von George Griffith, der selbst als Darsteller in Twin Peaks: The Return (2017) mitwirkte. Die ultralimitierten Vinyl- und Lathe Cut-7″s sind bereits vergriffen, digital ist die EP über Lipstates Bandcamp erhältlich.

“Combining her love of all things Twin Peaks with her emotive guitar playing, attention to detail and cinematic instincts, Noveller delivers something truly delicate and haunting and precious with her cover of Angelo Badalamenti’s theme song for the show. Continuing their string of video collaborations, Sarah Lipstate draws the somber notes out in front of director George Griffith’s watchful camera. Griffith’s name should awaken Twin Peaks fans, as the actor/director memorably portrayed the devilish right hand man Ray Monroe in Twin Peaks: The Return. The pair traveled to Washington, visiting landmarks from the show and filming in the recreated Black Lodge of superfan Jason Mattson.

Mattson sourced and built everything for the room on his own, and did so with such perfection that the Showtime production actually used his chair for filming. Lipstate settles into the exact same spot that Kyle MacLachlan couldn’t seem to leave as Agent Dale Cooper. The video, with a surprise ending, is a clear love letter to the program, yet Lipstate’s magnetic presence takes center stage. Her instrumental version, working from the guitar arrangement by Arrigo Martelli, finds emotional depth and a tentative apprehension that even the original could only hint at.”