Last Light: Vinylwiederveröffentlichung von Tor Lundvalls Album von 2004

Am 10. November erscheint auf Dais Records Tor Lundvalls Album „Last Light“ erstmalig auf Vinyl (in einer Auflage von 2000 Stück). Ursprünglich bei Strange Fortune auf CD veröffentlicht, und dann im Rahmen des “Structures And Solitude“-Boxsets wiederveröffentlicht, hat das Album für Lundvall einen besonderen Stellenwert: „’Last Light’ is a personal favorite and I feel it’s one of my strongest releases. The music differs from my previous works in that the vocals are more up front and the compositions are sparser and more austere. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface, however. Several tracks are based on specific locations near my home while others describe the changing light in my bedroom at various times during the day. The title was taken from one of my paintings which, curiously enough, does not appear on the sleeve.““Initially conceived as ‘a piano album with sparse electronics’ (with the working title November), Lundvall’s palette steadily expanded, incorporating synthesizer, samples, bass, metronomes, and his signature spectral vocals. A journal entry from the spring of 2002 proved formative to his evolving vision: ‘I remember watching the blueish-grey light shimmering outside and hearing distant sounds echoing far away, eventually sinking into silence and stillness.’

The album’s 12 tracks are steeped in this sense of autumnal transience, of bearing witness to what fades. The music moves in whispered swells, between dirge, drift, and devotional. Synths chime like slow-tolling bells; percussion shuffles and shivers, icy and isolated; bass traces a low-lidded plod – it’s a mode both austere and seductive, lulling the listener into its landscapes of deepening dusk. Lyrically, Lundvall’s language skews observational and depressive (‘through lace curtains / grey light falls / dark clouds gather / in my soul’), with each song like a gauzy glimpse into a different tableau framing winter’s descent: rust-colored leaves, frozen ponds, cold crescent moons.”

@ Dais Records