Wiederveröffentlichung von Coils Moon’s Milk (In Four Phases) auf Dais Records

Dais Records setzt die Wiederveröffentlichung essentieller Coilaufnahmen mit „Moon’s Milk (In Four Phases)“ fort. Als Doppel-CD mit Artwork von Steven Stapleton erschien „Moon’s Milk…“ erstmalig 2002 und versammelte das Material der vier EPs, die Coil 1998 anlässlich der Sonnenwenden und Tagundnachtgleichen veröffentlicht hatten. Mit diesen EPs begann die starke Phase des Spätwerks der Band. Alben wie “Astral Disaster” und die beiden Teile von “Musick To Play In The Dark” sollten folgen. In der Besetzung Balance, Sleazy, Drew McDowall und William Breeze aufgenommen – bei zwei Stücken wirkte Rose McDowall mit – sind die Aufnahmen geprägt von Breezes elektrischer Geige. Ein paar Jahre später erschien eine von Balance, Sleazy und Thighpaulsandra eingespielte Bonus-CD-R mit drei Stücken. Dieses Material sowie das Stück „Bankside“, das erstmalig im Ramen der Threshold Archives-Serie veröffentlicht wurde, sind auch auf der Dais-Version zusätzlich enthalten.

Am 15. März 2024 erscheinen die Aufnahmen als Doppel-CD und als Dreifach-Vinyl (in verschiedenen Farben).

“Recorded primarily at their home studio in Chiswick, London on the eve of a permanent relocation to the small seaside town of Weston-Super- Mare, the collection has long loomed as a pivotal and pinnacle work in the group’s discography, but has never been officially reissued, or repressed on vinyl. Time has only ripened its tapestry of regal strangeness.

Arranged sequentially in tribute to the equinoxes and solstices, ‘Moon’s Milk’ captures Coil at a revelatory crossroads, leaning deeper into improvisation, spontaneity, and sound design. “Moon’s Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull” initiates the proceedings on ‘Spring Equinox’, a two-part netherworld organ séance woven from vocal drones, cathedral keys, seasick strings, and opiated undertow. From there, ‘Summer Solstice’ skews lighter but no less incantational, with Balance embracing his voice- as-instrument across lucid dream torch songs (“Bee Stings”), purgatorial spoken word (“Glowworms/Waveforms”), sultry chamber pieces (“Summer Substructures”), and falsetto ravings (“A Warning From The Sun (For Fritz)”).

‘Autumn Equinox’ exudes more of a pensive and twilit mood, from the Rose McDowall-sung neofolk ballad “Rosa Decidua” (“I hear your voice sing near to me / I’ve put away the poisoned chalice (for now) / And lie down amongst the flowerbeds”) to hall-of-lords hallucination “The Auto- Asphyxiating Hierophant” to the liminal string-plucked classic “Amethyst Deceivers,” featuring excellent alien guitar by Breeze layered with Balance’s oft-quoted couplet: “Pay your respects to the vultures / For they are your future.”

The album’s final chapter, ‘Winter Solstice’, is its most swooning, remote, and ceremonial. Opener “A White Rainbow” stirs strings, layered choral vocals, and shivering rhythm into an imploding burial hymn. “North” oscillates bleakly, a ghost in the machine murmuring opaque prophecy (“This black dog has no owner / This black dog has no odour”), while “Magnetic North” is its inverse, a guided meditation of gently flickering software and surreal chakra poetics (“Red rose filling the skull / Yellow cube in the lower pelvis / Silver moon crescent below the navel”). The suite fades to grey with a traditional English carol (“Christmas Is Now Drawing Near”), rendered like an executioner’s song by Rose McDowall’s doomed, beautiful voice.

The Dais box set includes the entirety of the rare ‘Moon’s Milk Bonus Disc’ CD-R / 2019 Threshold Archives Copal CD, which includes three collaborations with Thighpaulsandra. This material is as rich and intoxicating as the previous four phases, ranging from electro-acoustic singing bowl rituals (“Copal”) to dissonant electronic recitations of visionary Angus Maclise poetry (“The Coppice Meat”) to ominous classical melancholia (“Bankside”). Once again, Coil confirm the vastness of their confounding, infinite alchemy, explored and refined across decades of experimentation – both sonic and bodily. From post-industrial to post-everything, theirs is an art untethered, in the wilds of its own design.

Audio remastered by Josh Bonati under supervision from Drew McDowall, William Breeze and Thighpaulsandra
Original artwork restored by Steven Stapleton”