We’re keeping it alive. Just singing it in our voice: Interview with Walker Phillips, Tabernacle

A few years ago an impressive folk album appeared out of nowhere with Walker Phillips’ “My Love Sunday”: “Walker Phillips looks on the cover like a melancholic hippie and as if he had come with a time machine from the Haight-Ashbury of the 60s – but maybe he just dropped by Lord Summerisle”, one could read here. Recently, the successor “God’s Eye” was released, on which Phillips sounds lighter and more carefree. Recently he contributed sitar to Adam Cole’s album “The Cellophane Sea”. In addition to his solo work, Phillips plays with his wife Caira Paravel in Tabernacle, a band that plays exclusively British folk songs in the guise of rock ‘n’ roll. On the occasion of their performance at the Freak Valley festival, I met Walker and Caira after their show. Weiterlesen